Dr. Mark Butler

D.V.M., Medical Director

Animals have always fascinated me. I have dedicated a large portion of my life to providing the best quality care for small animals. My experience has taught me that pets do better when their care is provided for in an environment built around their specific needs. We believe this environment is at Animal Medical Group’s veterinary clinic.

As a child, I was particularly intrigued by my grandmother’s home remedies used to heal her animals when they were ill. She would often ask me to assist with the care of the animals, and she found a willing participant. When Churchill, her favourite pet dog, became injured, I had cause to seek veterinary attention for him. I realised then that there was much more that could be done for animals than home remedies. I was impressed. And at age 14 I decided that this is what I wanted to do: help and care for animals.

Qualifying in Trinidad at the University of the West Indies over 17 years ago, I worked in my beautiful hometown of Jamaica for a short time in veterinary diagnostics, horse racing regulation, small and large animal medicine, after which I moved to the Bahamas in 2003. While in the Bahamas, I worked for the Bahamas Humane Society and the Bahamas Government. In 2011 I relocated to the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) where I worked as the Chief Veterinary Officer. Whilst in the TCI, I had the opportunity to pursue studies in my interest: veterinary public health, and epidemiology before moving back to the Bahamas in 2017.

My areas of special interest are animal welfare and infectious diseases. Animals are important to the lives of people and in many instances, very critical.

When I am not on the job, I enjoy writing calligraphy and spending time with my family. When time allows me, I take keen interest in international politics and reading autobiographies. I enjoy watching football and cricket which I used to play.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you and your pet to Animal Medical Group. Your pets are your family and they are in good hands with us.